Tribute to the Quintessential PR Guru

Yushau Shuaib, PR Guru

Tribute to the Quintessential PR Guru

By: Isah Ismaila

Well, it is believed that the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation of goodness which makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

The first time I met him was during a get together organized by their class sometimes in 2015. He gave us his book which was his masters research work from the university of Westminster, and it was very valuable in my academic pursuit. Through Dr. Hajara Umar Sanda- a lecturer in the department of mass communication, Bayero University Kano, I subsequently got to know him better.

Practicably, a very simple and humble personality who avoids any form of paparazzi lifestyle. Very jovial and welcoming to everybody irrespective or their religion or ethnic disposition.

The first time I was in his office, I was left agape with the different awards he has earned for his work, meticulousness and personality from trustworthy organizations. The surprising thing about him is that since his NYSC in Delta State, he has worked in different parastatals and agencies including the Ministry of Information but has never applied for those jobs.

Over the years, Sir YAShuaib has been in the PR landscape of this dear country Nigeria. A well grounded and rounded personality with strategic vibrance when it comes to the practice of his profession. The man who can physically face and turn a crisis situation as well as a smeared image into a turning point for any organization by giving it an outstanding positive reputation.

His persona is driven with moral courage and intellectual capacity. I uphold that he is a moving encyclopedia of Public Relations. Alhaji Yusha’u, a professional crisis management communicator, has been a forerunner of the International Public Relations Golden Award; winning the award ‘back-to-back’ six consecutive times since 2016.

These great achievements of this quintessential PR Guru have only resulted from the transmission of his ideas of enthusiasm, passion, depth of knowledge and for him, the future is not a gift- it is an achievement.

He employs strategic response tools not only in his profession, but in his entire life. This man has set a track for development -not only personal- but collaborates with others like the National Institute of Public Relations to proffer solutions to the challenges of the profession and country by giving it a highly standard and positive stance locally and globally.

He has a big heart for everyone to fit in. He always seeks to invest in people- youth to be precise. He is very fierce when it comes to saying the truth -that led to his forceful retirement influenced by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala in October 9, 2013. After he was reinstated in September 2018.

But today, on the 10 of October 2019; he has willingly retired from the civil service and I believe he is not tired in the practice of PR. I’m however optimistic that it’s a dawn of a new beginning for him in PR.

On a final note, I am personally challenged to be like you or even better- though those great achievements of yours have built you a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold.

Sir, I wish you long life and prosperity on your 50th birthday, a happy voyage on the lane of retirement and another continuous roller coaster ride of unimaginable success yet to come.

Long live IMPR!

Long live PRNigeria!

Isah Ismaila is a serving corps member and a Journalist in Abuja

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