Dr.( Mrs) Nanre Emeje, Quintessential astute Administrator celebrating Nigerian Workers on May Day. 

Dr. (Nanre Emeje, Director of Budget, and former Acting Director Treasury FCTA

Dr.( Mrs) Nanre Emeje, Quintessential astute Administrator celebrating Nigerian Workers on May Day

The decision to mark May 1 as May Day was taken in memory of Chicago’s Haymarket Affair, which took place in 1886, during a protest in support of workers’ rights. The incident resulted in the death of seven police officers and at least four civilians

May 1 is marked as May Day, also referred to as International Workers’ Day and Labour Day in different countries across the world. The Day commemorates the contributions of workers and the labour movement.

Although observed as an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival initially, May 1 became associated with the labour movement in the late 19th century, after trade unions and socialist groups decided to mark the day.

As Nigerian Workers mark the Day, a consummate and astute Administrator per excellence in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) who is the Director of Budget as well as the immediate past Acting Director Treasury (FCTA) Dr. (Mrs) Nanre Emeje has joined in congratulating the Nigerian Workers on the auspicious occasion of May Day.

According to her, the 2024 May Day celebration is another remarkable celebration for the Nigerian worker who has continued to show resilience, commitment and total dedication inspit of all odds describing their sacrifice as unprecedented and legendary.

She called on civil servants in the FCT Administration common service Department , Secretariat,, Parastatals and agencies to redouble their efforts in their services to the nation particularly the present administration under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who She noted is working hard to reposition the country for sustained growth.

Dr. (Mrs) Nanre explained that the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, with an eight point agenda is focused on Nigeria’s Economy, Job creation, poverty alleviation as well as tackling the numerous inherited security challenges in the country.

The astute Administrator noted that the recent establishment of the FCT civil service commission by the FCT Minister His Excellency Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike CON is a historic milestone that generates and encourages career progression of civil Servants within the FCT.

She expressed optimism that this positive actions will have long lasting positive impact on the the FCT and the lives of it’s residents. Under the Hon Minister of the FCT.

According to Dr. (Mrs) Nanre Emeje, the FCT under His Excellency Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has made substantial and unprecedented progress noting that the recent decision of the Federal government to exempt Tertiary institutions from the Treasury single Account (TSA) program is a welcome development that will give Tertiary institutions the leverage to sustain their growth.

She Commended the commitment of the Hon. Minister of the FCT, His Excellency Barrister Nyesom Wike to the welfare of staff especially capacity building and progress of the FCT describing the feat as an achievement that is legendary.

The astute Administrator noted that the Minister has within a short space of time demonstrated exceptional and exemplary leadership which has ushered in changes that will continue to stand the test of time.

The seasoned administrator has served in various capacities in her career in the civil service with various lifetime achievements.

She is a former Director FCT Secondary Education Board from 2019–2022.where she introduced trade test 1 and 2 Educational certificate.

In a similar vain, she introduced skills education to various schools eg the Entrepreneur management Program, Installation of CCTV camera in most school’s to checkmate examination malpractice, Security vigilance initiative and the collaboration of secondary education board SEB with the industrial training f]√und ITF to train both teachers and students.

Other achievements of this Woman of many credentitials include the introduction of management system between students,teachers and parents,

renovation of school facilities and provision of furniture.

She also established new schools which increased the number from 66–88 in the FCT.

Dr.(Mrs) Nanre Emeje also established 3 CBT centre in schools through JAMB office.

Redeployed as the Director,FCT Budget from 2022 till date

As the present director of FCT Budget, she supervises preparation of annual budget of federal capital territory administration (FCTA)and coordination of budget for 102 secretariat,departments and Agencies (SDAs).

She coordinates the formulation and preparation of Long-Term medium and short-term development plans.

as well as oversee preparation of annual budgetary estimates of revenue and expeditture for FCTA and determination of fiscal policies.

The astute Administrator also oversees Debt Management coordination Via fiscal policies, (Accountable for keeping track of budget implementation for FCT) .

As oversigting Director of FCT treasury department, she oversees all activities of the department being the custodian of all funds to the federal capital territory administration and having the statutory obligation for collection of all funds due to the FCTA for deposition and the disbursement of funds to all SDAs in the FCTA upon approval by relevant authorities following compliance with due process.


By Sam Attah Idoko,


1st May,2024.

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