NIPR Celebrates Nigeria at 59

Mallam Mukhtar Sirajo, Chairman of Council and President of NIPR

NIPR Celebrates Nigeria at 59

As the country celebrates its 59th independence anniversary, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, (NIPR) felicitates with all Nigerians on the attainment of this milestone.

At 59, Nigeria, no doubt has come a long way, and has earned the rights to blow some trumpet, coming out of teething challenges in one piece and playing several admirable leadership roles at the regional, continental and even the wider world stage across time.

But are we today, where the world expected us to be at the time, we gained independence? The entire world was in near unanimous agreement at the time of our independence in 1960 that we were a potentially great nation. One question to which we must find an answer is: have we gone beyond being a potentially great nation? How much have we succeeded in harnessing that “potentiality?” We have no doubt come a long way as a country these past 59 years, gone through and surmounted a lot of challenges even as new ones naturally and understandably emerge.

Even though nation building is always a work in progress, 59 years of independence is no doubt a long enough period for stock taking. It is therefore imperative that even as we thump our chests, we must not allow the euphoria of celebration to becloud our sense of introspection. We owe a duty to ourselves and generations yet unborn an honest soul searching that should lead to the asking of some pertinent, even if difficult and embarrassing questions.

As Nigeria clocks 59 years as an independent nation, it is an opportune moment for all of us, as citizens and stakeholders, to hold up a mirror to ourselves, to reflect on those good values that were the basis for the perception of our potential greatness at independence.

We must also try to find out and tell ourselves the truth as to what we have done, or failed to do as individual citizens and as a collective, which may have been slowing our march. Building a great nation being the collective will, efforts and mindset of one generation after another, we must resolve to work together once again in harmony to fast-track the attainment of that greatness that is our destiny.

A great and prosperous Nigeria is possible. This 59th anniversary therefore, must serve as a reminder to all of us, leaders and citizens alike, that, it is time for us as a nation to chart a new beginning that will lead us into prosperity and advancement in all spheres of human endeavors, having being immensely blessed by God with a variety of endowments, human, material and otherwise.

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), uses this period of the nation’s 59th independence anniversary to recommit itself to the task of global rebranding of Nigeria. We pledge our support to the government as it strives to curb corruption, bolster the economy, consolidate democratic governance, and address regional issues, including, breaking the cycle of violent extremism banditry and insurgency across regions of the federation.

As an Institute of relationship builders and menders, NIPR also pledges to work closely with the government to work on the fabrics that hold this country, which have seen better days, by coming up with programmes and projects that will rebuild the confidence of Nigerians in one another, to further strengthen and enhance mutual relations and cooperation for peace and stability, which are a sine qua non for sustainable development. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mukhtar Zubairu Surajo, FNIPR is the President and Chairman of Council, NIPR

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