Lack of Mentorship Cause of Leadership Failure, Nigeria’s Woes—NIPR Chair

FCT_NIPR Chapter Chairman, Dr. Tayo Haastrup
By: Isah Ismaila Gagarawa


Lack of Mentorship Cause of Leadership Failure, Nigeria’s Woes—NIPR Chair

The Chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) FCT Chapter, Dr. Tayo Haastrup, said the absence of effective mentorship programme for youths and the younger generation is a major factor responsible for poor governance, leadership failure by the political class, and other myriads of socio-economic bedeviling affecting the country.

He then added that it is time the issue of lack of quality succession plan at various spectrums of the society is addressed, saying: “The failure of political leadership has resulted in the underdevelopment of our dear country. However, our NIPR chapter is poised and set to deploy its valuable resources to help facilitate the birthing of a visionary leadership across all boards in the country.”

Haastrup, spoke during a press conference organized by the Abuja chapter of NIPR, in Abuja. The press conference preceded the Chapter’s forthcoming ‘Annual General Meeting’ (AGM) themed, “The Leadership Question: Search for the 21st Century Leaders.”

According to the NIPR boss, there is need for politicians who may be aspiring for elective offices in 2023 elections to resolve to offer ‘good, purposeful and selfless leadership’ that will help bring Nigeria out of the word and then propel it greatness.

“We have seen failure of leadership in our families, various religious platforms and in our political terrain. Part of the dilemma is lack of good succession plan for young people. That is why we have a country with one of the best human resources, yet not living to global expectations in all ramifications,” he said.

Haastrup, who noted that the theme of their AGM is apt considering the huge leadership deficit affecting not only Nigeria, but the entire African continent, stated: “It is therefore important we kick start the process of a national rebirth through the provision of platforms such as this conference. It will enable stakeholders to generate insights for the type of leadership Nigeria must look out for, if we are to nurse any hope of successfully tackling insecurity, poverty, food insecurity, conflicts and political fragmentation, among other challenges.”

In a remark, Mr. Franklyn Ginger, Chairman of the AGM, asserted that NIPR, Abuja Chapter, has been organizing and leading discussions on burning national issues, while expressing belief that eminent Public Relations (PR) experts at the conference will cross fertilize ideas and also proffer solutions to the problem of leadership and other socio-economic issues troubling the country, and Africa, in extension.

“We are kick-starting our AGM on the 5th of November 2019, with an essay competition among selected private and public secondary school in Abuja. Participating-students will an essay on the roles of PR in leadership.

“Similarly, we have partnered with Microsoft to organize a digital communication training programme for communication and arts undergraduates in the FCT. Those we are hoping will find themselves in the PR profession someday. Again, the training will equip them with requisite digital skills that will enhance their learning process, research and boost their ICT knowledge for self-reliance.

“Most importantly, we are hosting a PR training workshop on the 6th of November. The workshop will definitely help to enhance the capacity and efficiency of PR professionals in government, private and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the country,” Ginger disclosed.

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