PRCAN President Vows to Reform Nigerian PR Industry


PRCAN President Vows to Reform Nigerian PR Industry

Newly elected president of the Public Relations Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), Israel Opeyemi has expressed readiness to take active steps in reforming the practice of Public Relations in Nigeria by according the it with its established ethics, honor and prestige.

Opeyemi made this known during his inaugural speech at the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the association in Lagos, stressing the need for reviving the practice as it is battling with quacks trying to smear the image of the noble profession.

He emphasized on taking strict measures will be to apprehend quacks trying to tarnish the image of the profession using their unqualified tactics.

“I want to assure you that we will no longer allow our practice to be the usual business for unqualified and acclaimed PR practitioners that are tarnishing our reputation with their quack practices. i want to assure you that we will revive the ecosystem by according the profession its rightful league amidst all noble profession” he said.

He added that, unlike other professions compared to medicine, law, accounting and even advertising, the practice of public relations in Nigeria has limited barriers to entry as people call themselves ‘PR consultants’ without qualification.

“I want to remind them that, public relations is a profession regulated by extant law which is now an Act of the Parliament. We will work hand in hand with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) to get that law amended to strengthen the sanctions for infringement and work with the Office of the Inspector General of Police to enforce that law,” he assured.

Meanwhile, the immediate past President of PRCAN, John Ehiguese, also highlighted quackery and non-compliance with set standards as top among the challenges faced by the PR industry in Nigeria, stating that the onus is on PR professionals to come together to stem the tide.

Adding that, his administration has fostered a better understanding and relationship with its stakeholders.

“we have put in place smooth relationship with the national body NIPR, raised industry compliance and enforcement; secured the re-admission of PRCAN into the membership of International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), ensured regular hosting of the PRCAN MasterClass series, PRCAN Breakfast Meetings as well as the PRCAN Gold Medal Lectures amongst many other achievemnet” he noted.

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