How to stand out on Instagram

Instagram image icon
Instagram image icon

Instagram engagement, they say, is 58 times higher per follower than Facebook. Hence, it is advisable that firms should not underestimate its marketing potential.

Here is how to make your brand stand out on Instagram to gain more followers and bring better exposure to your business.

Optimise the basics
Research shows that people remember 20 per cent of what they read and 80 per cent of what they see. You’re probably already using your logo as your profile picture and your company name as your profile name everywhere from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. It makes sense to add Instagram to that list.
Consistency in social media helps people quickly recognise your content no matter where they are. Whether you already have an Instagram account or are just setting one up, make sure your basic settings are complete and provide as much relevant information as possible. In particular, pay attention to your Instagram bio.

Provide a brief description of what your company does, and inject your company’s voice and personality. Include a link to your website so people can find you on the Internet as well.

Share on other social profiles
Chances are if you have a significant number of followers on other social networks, many of those same fans will be interested in following your Instagram account.
Let them know how to find you and invite them to join you there. Share your Instagram updates to Facebook and Twitter (or wherever you have the most followers).

Your website is also an ideal place to promote your Instagram account and encourage visitors to follow you. Put an Instagram badge in the website sidebarso people can click and follow in seconds.

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