Roles of Spokespersons during Elections

It is evident that education and trust are required for voters to effectively participate in an electoral process. The spokespersons of different political parties at that period have to engage in effective political communication-through the formal and informal media-to win supports of the people in favour of their parties.


It is essential to note that electoral process involves much more than voting. Political participation originates from the freedom of speech, association, the ability to take part in the conduct of public affairs and the opportunity to register as a candidate or a voter, to campaign, to be elected and to hold office at all levels of government.


The term election can be seen as a process of choosing a leader, member of the parliament, councilors or other representatives by popular voting. Election therefore cannot take place without people voting, therefore the media and the spokespersons have to know the best method of educating the general public on how to exercise their franchise.


In achieving this, public relations professionals and institutions as well as media experts are the best link between the people and the government for proper information on the political procedures and guidelines. The spokespersons of various political parties are responsible for educating and sensitizing voters before, during and after the election.


In handling voter education, spokespersons educate eligible voters on the advantages of voting by providing reasons why they should come out on Election Day.  Without proper orientation, many people would not understand that voting is their fundamental rights that would help select best candidates for different political offices.


Take for instance, the last general election in Nigeria was won by the contributions of youth and use of social media by the ruling party. The former government relied on the power of incumbency without considering the roles of media and spokespersons in taking electoral promises to the ordinary man on the street.


The PR professionals has all it takes to change the activities of a nation in the use of proportional representation during elections and sensitization of the general public on matters relating to political, economic and social developments.


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