How to show off your PR success in Office


How to show off your PR success in Office

The pandemic forced offices across the United States to pivot to a work from home model, but as the nation and the world slowly bounces back, more and more businesses are making the shift back into the office.

Be it hybrid, fulltime, or somewhere in between, a return to in-person work means business owners will likely be taking client and prospective client meetings in-person, too. With in-person client meetings and work structures around the corner, business owners must prioritize finding new ways to showcase their credibility within their office space to make a lasting impression on any visitor who comes through their office doors.

From learning how to order plaques and reprints, to hanging your accolades up on office walls, here are several tips business owners can use to highlight their public relations success throughout the office:


1. Showcase your feature articles.

Has your business been featured in the press? Being featured in a newspaper or magazine is an effective way to build credibility because you didn’t pay for the recognition. It shows the public that you’re credible and a trusted figure in your industry or community.

By leveraging media features in your office space, visitors including clients, prospects, job candidates and business associates will have evidence of your credibility from the moment they step foot inside. One way to make a splash after being featured in an article is by ordering reprint stacks for visitors to take with them. Additionally, business owners should frame and hang their top feature articles on office walls, or even purchase them as plaques.

Some publications allow you to order reprints of articles directly from their websites, while others do not. For example, the American City Business Journals offer self-service options for ordering reprints and plaques through their website, as well as the option to work directly through their sales team. Even if the publication your business was featured in does not offer framed reprints or plaques, there are third-party services to consider such as That’s Great News.

2. Display trophies and award plaques.

Trophies and awards commemorate hard work and success. Displaying awards, trophies and other accolades helps create a lasting impression on visitors to your office space and shows that you’ve been recognized among the best in your field.

Showcasing awards not only establishes your expertise and authority, but it also fosters a sense of trust in prospects and visitors to your office. Awards are a perfect way of reminding anyone walking into your office that your business is credible. Displaying recognition in industry awards, business awards, community awards and similar accolades gives your visitors a glimpse of what separates you from the rest.

It’s common for awards programs to give out trophies or plaques to winners or make them available for purchase, but that’s not always the case. Some award programs do not offer tangible trophies or plaques.

Fortunately, even if the award given is not a physical token, you can order a plaque or trophy from suppliers such as Edco Awards & Specialties as a way to still showcase your recognition within your physical office space.

3. Show broadcast video montages and photos.

Television appearances have huge implications for building your business’s credibility. If your business or its executives have frequently appeared on TV, consider displaying a montage of clips from those appearances on a lobby TV. Business owners should also frame and display photos of on-air coverage, backstage photo-ops or other memorable photos from their broadcast appearances.

Appearances on TV can dazzle clients and prospects, adding an element of celebrity to your brand. They show that you are a cut above competitors and recognized as a trusted expert in your field. By leveraging your broadcast appearances in your office, you establish credibility and offer visitors an impressive and unique experience.

For employees, clients, prospective clients, and other visitors, your office space is one of the first ways to make a lasting, meaningful impression.

Business owners engaged in public relations should take advantage of the many avenues to acquiring things like reprints of feature articles, plaques commemorating an award, or montages of broadcast appearances to ensure they are securing the trust and respect of anyone who comes through their doors.

By Brian Hart

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