4 People to Include on Your Communication Alert Team

When you’re putting together preparations for the possibility of a crisis, internal communications is usually not the first thing to come to mind. But it’s an essential part of crisis response preparedness; you must loop in employees, owners, board members, investors and the wider community (including the families and business associates of all the above) if you want to maintain a reputation of integrity and transparency.

Incident commander

Leads response and recovery effort during a crisis
Activates emergency alert system or delegates to a public information officer
Public information officer

Is the media spokesperson or designates one.
Writes communications, protects brand and assists with image and presentation
Coordinates communications timeline
Coordinates and oversees “human touch” element during an incident
Sends pre-approved communications to stakeholders and community
Provides support for strategic planning team and on-ground incident team
Activates emergency alert system if incident commander is unable
IT specialist

Responsible for the communications infrastructure (computer, website and telephone) during emergency operations and recovery
Oversees all issues related to company intranet and other IT systems
Provides website support as needed
Updates phone systems with pre-approved, pre-recorded crisis message

Social media coordinator
Provides communications support as needed, including social media and website updates
Implements and manages “human touch” element
Trained in emergency alert service operations—activates alert system if incident commander and public information officer are unable

You may also consider adding someone specifically designated as internal liaison, who is the link between major stakeholders and the crisis management team. Merillat stresses that all team members should participate in scheduled practice alert tests

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